Maiden MaidCh 6 John Teaches Sara

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Maiden MaidCh 6 John Teaches Sara

Maiden Maid

Chapter 6 John Teaches Sara

The next morning, Sara walked slowly into the kitchen, her body still aching from the punishment and the fucking she had endured. She had gone back to her room after Michael had fucked her hard and lay on the bed, naked. She allowed her legs to spread, wider and wider as if forced to do so, until they hung over the edge. She let her fingers trace down the flat plane of her stomach until she reached her flaming red bush. She could fill the heat from beneath it, the heat from the spanking, then the whipping of her pussy with the riding crop. Her fingers traced between her pussy lips, almost stuck tight from the drying cum. She pried them apart and one finger entered her pussy, still soaked with cum. She began to finger her pussy, her other hand reaching over to her nipples, fingers grabbing one tightly and pulling it hard. It ached as she did, but she forced herself to endure it. It moved down and grabbed her swollen clit and began to play with it hard, two fingers now fucking her /pussy/tight-pussy/">tight pussy as he did. She began to moan in pleasure, her ass rising up from the bed, her legs still spread obscenely as if held tightly by an unknown assailant. She free porn movies download stuffed part of the bed sheet into her mouth, effectively gagging her as she began to cum. Her finger slipped under her body and the dry digit painfully pushed into her asshole, burying itself to the first knuckle until it ground to a halt. She could feel her hot asshole clenching on the digit as the orgasms rolled through her body again.

Sara got up quickly and ran to the bathroom, embarrassed at her feelings and the easy way she had forced herself to cum again. That's not the way a /good/good-girl/">good girl acts, only a whore. She washed all traces of the treatment she had endured from her body and got between the cool sheets, falling asleep quickly, exhausted from the ordeal she had endured.

John smiled as he saw Sara entering the room, walking slowly and carefully. He knew that she must be sore between her legs, Michael having told her of the pussy whipping and the fucking he had given her. His cock had stood out as Michael detailed the happenings of the night before. He had gone into intimate details, loving to share his conquests with John.

"John, why don't you have Sara help you clean the library today. Show her my vast collection of bondage and sadomasochistic books and pictures. Maybe engage in a little bondage with her. Then maybe I will join you. Such lovely things we could both do to that tight body."

John was pleased with the suggestion, not getting much relief from his sexual encounter with Sara yesterday in the pantry, wanting so much more from her. "I would enjoy that very much. Remember the last maid. We had her naked, spread apart between the two ladders in the library. And they thought those ladders were for reaching books high up," he laughed.

"I will have her in the library right after lunch, I will join you about three. That should give you time enough to get her naked and bound. You may fuck her today, she will still be very tight, especially if she is sore from last night. She should buck around nicely, giving you a nice ride."

John smiled at her as she entered. "Morning, Sara. Did you sleep well last night?"

Sara turned red, embarrassed, knowing that John knew what had happened last night. "YYess," she stammered, quickly grabbing a cup of coffee, wanting to take it to her room to drink in privacy.

"Michael wants to see you first thing this morning. He has a chore for you to perform after lunch," grinning as he said it, his cock straining his trousers in expectations.

Sara turned and left the room, almost spilling her coffee as she did. "Thank you, I will see him right away," she said over her shoulder as she almost ran from the room.

Sara left her coffee on the stand outside Michael's room and entered. He was still in bed, reading the newspaper and drinking his morning coffee. "John said you wanted me, Sir?"

Michael looked at, his cock twitching as he saw her face and body, remembering last nights encounter. "I want you to help John clean the library today. Meet him there after lunch."

"Yes, sir, anything else Sir," she stammered out, hoping to escape his leering glances at her body.

"You are new here, Sara. John is my most trusted servant and also dear friend. I want you to treat him as you would me and obey his every command. Do I make myself clear, Sara? His every command," he accented.

Sara did not like the sound of the command, but she knew she had no choice. John had already cornered her in the pantry yesterday and took considerable liberties with her body, forcing her to cum for him. "Yes, sir, I will obey him," quickly leaving the room, grabbing her coffee and heading for her room.

The morning passed slowly, Sara's thoughts drifting to last night and the expectations of what would transpire this afternoon. She tried to shake the images from her mind, images of John dominating her sexually. She felt the wetness between her legs. Damn it, clear your mind. Your acting like a slut, she thought. She slowly ate lunch, John sitting across from her, staring at her, making her turn red, his eyes staring through her clothes.

"Time to work in the library," he stated, moving up from the table and leaving the room. Sara followed him down the hall to the large door to the library and John let her pass, watching her /ass/sexy-ass/">sexy ass cling tightly to the skirt she was wearing. Michael knew how to dress them

"What do you want me to do?” Sara asked, her eyes staring at the ground, not wanting to see the lust in Johns eyes.

"I am going to show you some of Michael's private collection books. He wants you to see some of the things you have agreed to submit to. And then I am going to play with your body again, Sara. Remember yesterday in the pantry, when I made you cum?"

Sara's head hung in shame, but she nodded yes, remembering his expert fingers bringing her to a powerful orgasm as she stood half-naked and spread before him, his hard cock pressed tightly against her virgin asshole as he shot his cum all over her ass cheeks. What did he plan to do to her today? She thought.

"Good girl, Sara, now step over her. I have been waiting to put my hands all over that delectable body all day. You have made my cock hard, Sara, thinking about you. You are going to have to be punished for doing that, for making my cock hard." He motioned her over in front of him, his large, hairy hands already extended out, waiting to run over her body as if he owned it.

Sara cringed when she heard the word punishment. Why did men get so much enjoyment in her screams of pain? What about all of the romance she had read so much about when she was young. Is it all fiction, and that man just got enjoyment from a full hd xvideo download woman's suffering, subjecting them to humiliation and sexual perversions? Is that what the books that John was going to show her today would reveal? She moved towards him and cringed when she saw his hands already reaching out, ready to run them over her young body. He was so much older then she was, having to be at least in his forties. While Michael was older, he was also very handsome. And rich. John was only a servant and old enough to be her father, if she had ever remembered one. And now he was using her body as if he was her lover. Or worse, a sexual pervert. She moved within his grasp, his breath revealing what he had eaten for breakfast, not as fastidiously clean as Michael always seemed to be. She cringed as his arms pulled her close to her, her body pushing up against his, molding along his contours.