Never say never

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Never say never

I am waking up, my head feels like its ten times bigger than it is. My mouth is dry and the desert at mid-day. I cannot remember when I ate last, well ate food anyway. My room is still dark, but it has been dark the whole time. Nothing in here but this double bed! It has just the two sheets, a wool blanket and two pillows. Nothing more or less really. The room smells of sex.../pussy/hot-pussy/">hot pussy and sweat! There is a light, up on the ceiling but she only turns it on when she is in here. The rest of the time it is just dark, cool and damp.

It sounds like I am in the basement, but I am not sure really. It is mid June and that usually means its warm outside if its daylight. I cannot really pace around the room because I can't see shit in this blasted darkness. I get so flustrated I yell out "Where the fuck am I"! But nobody answers, no sounds at all. I try to remember what happened, was in last night or the night before? I try hard to remember what the fuck I did and where am I now. I traveled back in my mind trying to remember the details.

I stopped at Clancey's bar after I got off work. No reason to go home now that my wife left with the kids. Some bullshit about not spending enough time with her or the kids. I have to work to support her don't I? She wants all this stuff and somebody has to pay for it, right? Well anyway I now live in a studio apartment off Berkley. Nothing facey but a place to stay. So I stop at Clancey's for a few beers before I go to the apartment.

Clancey's is a nice little country and western bar. /cute/">cute waitresses, and nice atmosphere without being too expensive. I sit on the stool in the corner at the end of the bar. Opposite the door so I can face it. There are booths along the one wall opposite the bar and then the bar with it stools. The bathrooms are in the opposite corner from the bar and where I sit.

Okay, so far so good I remember being at Clancey's. I had just finished a beer when this woman came in alone. She was a blond, tall, with an average figure. I remember she had on tight jeans and a pale pink shirt, and cowgirl boots. She must have been around 5'-6" or slightly taller. I remember she had bright red lipstick on and the same color nail polish. Her tits looked to be a C or a D maybe 38 to 40's not really sure.

I remember getting up to go take a leak. The beer had already passed through me and as I got up I ordered another one. I wasn't gone long but when I came back my beer was on the bar. The woman had moved closer to my stool. We started to chat...about what I don't know or I don't remember. No, wait yeah, we got on the subject of sex. She was sounding like a woman's libber about how men should return the favor if a woman sucks his dick. I told her good! I told her how a man, at least this man does not eat pussy. That to me is like sucking his own dick by proxy. I remember now that she does not laugh.

I have another beer and I go over to put some music on the jukebox. I come back and now she is sitting on the stool next to mine. I kept trying to look down her blouse at her fine tits. We kept chatting and I kept sounding like some real stud. I am not really, I am just an average, lonely guy. Missing is family, his wife and what he use to have for a life. I remember then getting kind of dizzy and light headed. She helped me out into the parking lot for some fresh air. Then it all goes blank until I woke up in here.

The /first-time/">first time I awoke was to someone sucking my dick! I could feel their cool wet lips going up and down my dick. Their hand was massaging my balls and they were really sucking on my dick! It was the /blow/best-blow/">best blow job I have ever had in my life. I could not see, it was so dark in here. I put my hand on the back of their head and I felt soft hair, short. Then I felt tits rubbing my stomach and chest. I started fucking her face when suddenly I felt her bite down on my dick "Shit, that hurts" I yelled. She said nothing, she just stopped sucking my dick! Suddenly I saw a bright flash and a sharp stinging on my chest! She had just Tasered me! I could not move but I was awake. My whole body was hurting now.

She moved up and grabbed my hands and tied me to the beds headboard. She then tied my feet down to the footboard. I figured out that she should see in the dark somehow. Night goggles or something, because she moved easily. Now she spoke to me "Okay, mister here is how it is going to work. You want to eat, then you have to eat my pussy first! You want to go to the bathroom, you have to bokep sma pecah perawan lick and kiss my /asshole/">asshole! You want something to drink, then you have to eat my pussy. You don't do it to my satisfaction then you get nothing at all!" "Let me the fuck out of here bitch" I yelled. That got me a slap across the face! SMACK! I saw stars on that hit!

"Now" she said "you listen and obey and please me then for a treat I will suck you dick or I will let you fuck me!" I said nothing until....SMACK...another slap across the other side of my face. "Okay, I understand" I finally said. Then she tied a blindfold or something around my eyes. Then she turned on the light over head. I could see faint light seeping around the bottom of the blindfold. "I think you have a nice /dick/big-dick/">big dick" she complimented "but I think it has too much hair around it." She then proceeded to use and electic hair clippers to shave my pubic hair off. When the sound of the razor stopped I thought she was done. Then I felt something warm being applied to my pubic area and my balls. Then I felt her shaving me and I froze. I did not want my balls handed to me in my hands!

Finally, she took a warm wash clothe and washed my privates. "Now, let's see how that works" she said as she took my semi-/hard/hard-dick/">hard dick into her mouth! Damn she gave good head! But as soon as it was hard again she stopped! I wanted to cum in her mouth so /bad/">bad! Instead I could feel her weight shift on the bed. Then I felt her stradled over my chest. Now I could feel her right in front of my face. I could smell her pussy! I was surprised that it was not a bad smell really. It had a slight musky smell, but it smelled more like soap. Then she commanded "Lick it!" I stuck my tongue out and she pressed her pussy into my face. Now she gave me detailed direction on how to eat her pussy. If I did not do it right she would twist my nipples. That hurt like hell! Soon she was rocking back and forth onto my face and I admit I was getting into eating it! It was my first time but I was trying hard to please her.

Then suddenly she stopped again and got off me. I felt her untie my hands and she said "Roll over onto your stomach!" She reached down and untied one leg. "Now roll" she commaned. I did as she said and she then grabbed my hands and tied them back behind me. Then she tied my loose foot back to the footboard. "Now get up on your knees" she said and she help lift me up onto my knees. Then I felt her moving on the bed again. "Now lay down" she demanded. But when I laid down I found that she was in front of me laying on the bed and my face was on her stomach! She slid down and said "Suck on them!" So I started sucking on her tits. I could not hold them, since my hands were tied, but that did not seem to bother her! Then I felt her hands on my shoulders and she was pushing me down. "This is how guys do it to us girls! How do you like having your head forced down there fucker" she snarled. "Now eat it good" she commanded.

I quickly got back into eating it and it was really nice. I worked my tongue around her clit and she seemed to really like that! I then ran my tongue into her vagina and I licked her pussy all over. I then moved back up and sucked on her clit like she had told me earlier to do. Now she was fucking my face and moaning like /crazy/">crazy. Suddenly she tensed up and yelled "Oh mother fucker...yesssss!" Damn, so that is what it was like for a woman to climax I thought, and I did it! I kept licking her pussy and she would jerk each time I did until finally she said "Stop now!" So I did as she commanded.

"Get up on your knees" she commanded. So I tried getting up but she finally had to help me. My dick was back to semi-hard and I could feel the bed move as she got down in front of me and she started to suck it again! It did not take long for me to get fully erect! I was really hoping for her to suck it off, you know return the favor. Not happening! She stopped as soon as my balls started to tighten. The she moved around and pulled me on top of her. She guided my dick into her hot, /pussy/wet-pussy/">wet pussy. It felt sooo good and I started fucking her hard. She had her legs wrapped around me and she was fucking me back hard! "Yes, you bastard, fuck me, fuck me" she yelled. Suddenly she was tensing up again, damn she is climaxing again! I thought and I had not gotten my nuts off yet! I was just getting ready to let it go when she stopped and pushed me off.

"So how does it feel not to get your nuts off" she said. "Now you know know we women feel when we fuck you like crazy and you cum all over us and we get nothing! You men are all selfish bastards" she continued. I rocked back onto my heels, still tied to the bed and I thought about it. She was right, I never thought about it before. I don't remember my wife ever climaxing, nor my girlfriends before that. Now my nuts were hurting and my dick was throbbing. I turned to where I last heard her voice and I said "You know you are right! I never thought about it before but you are RIGHT! I am a selfish bastard. I never thought about how a woman feels. I can promise you this I will in the future. I will see that every woman I am with climaxes or I won't until she does!" These were not empty words to me, I meant it.

She did not say anything, she just untied my feet and hands then said "Do not touch the blindfold or I will hurt you!" I nodded okay as she pushed me back onto the bed on my back. She then started sucking my dick again and this time I knew that I was going to blow my wad! Her warm soft lips kept going up and down my shaft and her tongue worked the head of my dick. All the while she was rubbing my nuts and just when I started to cum she shoved her index finger into my ass and I came like a fascet! I never came like that before! She swallowed it all with a gaggling sound or anything! I just laid back totally exhausted and satisfied. Then I felt a sharp sting in my arm and I was out!

I remember this happening several times after that too. She took me blindfolded to the bathroom several time after I did what she demaneded and I licked her asshole and kissed her ass old waman xxxgx each time! Once I licked her pussy too! She actually laughted at that one. Now here I was, awake in the dark again. I was hungry, and I wanted a shower but most of all I wanted her! I was looking forward to her coming in. I wanted to eat her to her satisfaction! I wanted to fuck her until she climaxed. This woman with no name, no nothing except a great body for me to lick and kiss! Then I heard her at the door. She knocked then called out "Put your blindfold on!" I did as she asked and I called back "it is on now" as I sat back down on the bed. Then the light came on, I could see it dimly under the blindfold! Now she was naked against me on the bed. "What would you like to do tonight?" she asked. I said without hesitation "may I please eat your pussy! Then if I do really good can I fuck you in the ass?" "Okay, but after you eat me, we have to get some dinner then I will let you fuck me in the ass as much as you want" she said gently.

I now have a new home and I am happy! No worries, I get to eat pussy, get my dick sucked, fuck and just have fun. I don't care if I never leave this wonderful room!