New wave in high school for the Rurual

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New wave in high school for the Rurual

This started because of a letter to the school conslor. She called wanting MY OPINION on it (she and I rapped in the libarary some times) and I have CONed her into reading some of my Milder porn-insest. She came from a home where Her sister was the object of a brothers SEXUAL attentions from 5th grade to jr. in collge. She was forced to lay 6 feet away from them, having intercource in the other twin bed in the 12x13 Girls''s room two nights a week until she herself moved into the basement stink hole to avoid them. Avoiding them mostly because they were inviting her to "play" with them. They were in high school, she was still in the 8th grade. So now you know the teachers twist.
Dear miss french, My /friend/boy-friend/">boy friend and I have been intimate since 6 grade but we have only had intercourse once in that time(with each other)We began the masturbation and manipulation back then as most effecient way to keep our "pants up" We go home satisfied and content. Thuo I usually finish me with a hand or some other object of my collections. The other night we were with Joyce A. and Bill D. On a double and the subject of a B.J. came up from the BOYS OF Cource. Then it got into a discussion of everyones sex in cogneaTo.
Joyce was fast to admit they were afraid to get her PG so they just Messed around, outside her clothing and she opened her blouse for him sometimes. Thats when Cal, ask me if I wanted to give them the grand tour of a DATE With Cal an Linda. They agreed to keep quiet and just observe. We gave them a typical evenings worth only I was able to get off several times with the added presents of another couple watching us so close at point blank range i could feel her breath on me sometimes as they got in close to make sure the penis was not inside my vagina. Cal did finaly get it all the way into my rectum for his climax but that was not our normal way. Bill came on my back as Joyce handled him to fast and lost the first /erection/">erection. Cal explained how to get Bill back up and into the action like an Marine Drill instructor. Then we drove on home and I crashed , into a deep sleep on the couch while he made a sandwitch. I knew he cared because he left me a niteynite note (stuck up my quivering cuntty lips). Dad was the one to notice when he came in to get me to go to my own bed. I guess Cal left me laying there all splayed out like a duck for leg over the back of the couch and the other on the coffee table with the yellow sticky note rolled and tucked into the folds of my labia.No panties, I haven't worn them on a date since 7th grade 'cause I just lose them in the floor boards and his brothers or mom finds them every darn time. His mom thinks I am a slut now anyway. Daddy, came to my rescue and removed the note I told him to go head and read it (expecting the usual dirvel)
" we sure did make an inpression on our audence, with our SEX show, Wish we could have sold tickets." ps. if you cum again your cunt will fall off in your sleep and you won't be able to find it with both hands." daddy laughed till he nearly cried at Cals humor and also the SEX SHOW part made him coiureous so I told him everything!!!! He wasn't at all judgemental of us. in fact he was pulling me up to carry me to bed and burried his head in my tummy like to blow noises on it like we did in westling matches on the lawn in the summer. By the time I was in my own bed I was in orgasmic bliss and he never touched anything personal at all. Even thou my breasts were totally naked on his ear and back,and my twat was slick and sweaty on his hand under me. He laid me down and started to leave "Daddy! thank you, can I have a nite nite kiss, please?" He came back and I hadn't gotten under the covers yet. He leaned to kiss my forehead and I sucked his lips onto mine hooked an arm over his neck, and pumped on his erection till he laid down beside me, BOY was he good at the stuff cal and I thought we invented. He kept me in or on an orgasm for a full ten minutes.HE then slid into me so easily it was like we were destined to proform this act, at least once ,as we had rehearshed it in our minds a thousand times. He started to pullout for safety but I said "NO!please, go get a supository from moms drawer later" so he came inside me for a long time infact I think he had an orgasm without cumming then stayed in to have an ejaculation just for me.(now nine inch nails is my favorite group)
Cal had told somemore Guys about our STYLE and wanted to double with them so we could do the deed and may be keep them from knocking up someone to soon. His Pal Ross and Kathline from up collage, went out with us the next Friday,It went as planed and we all had a blast Kat even gave me a good fist fuck and found my "G spot" thou I didn't get to climax because the boys interupted us , Actually Cal never really got me off at all. I did, when I was into munching him I jilled myself off. We got home at ten till twelve and dad was waiting up. Cal scooted fast. I sat down and told him all we did including being jilted in the Throws of a G spot event. He simply walked over to my position on his hassock and gently raised my skirt and began to marker me with wet kisses along the thigh/tummy. I sprang open and pushed his head deep and hard but his fingers were already in me and on the G spot so fast I was almost instantly, leaving a trail of squirted "CUM?" all over moms nice throw pillow and dads arm and side of his face it was tinged with red ,He licked me clean. Then he made love with me on top again on the floor in the dining room, and went to bed after he brought me a supository and placed it high and hard with one ,long, slow penis stroke(I came again for that). Cal Is not half the lover Dad is, Should I tell Cal about the things Iam now learning and share it, Or just let it ride and hope he learns better?" Cornfused Cornholed Corntented

She advised the girl to call Social Services on her Dad and to stop the petting with her boy friend completely emeditly. then to look into therpy for her self and Cal because they were morally decadent.

But mainly to stay away from her /daughter/">daughter "joyce" next time she came home from Collage.

I wrote the oppOsite," Glad you found some one you could TRUST TO TEACH YOU ABOUT THE PHYSICAL ASPECTS OF THE MOST IMPORTANT PART OF YOUR EXISTANCE.I wouldn't suggest an ongoing sexual relationship with your father, but a incidence of this nature is not unuseual at all. Cal seems like a thinking young man that has honored your goals and works well with you. The diverson of intercourse is a wise decision.
you do not need a pregnancy at this time in your life. Teaching the TRICKS to your friends is wonderful. Because of rules, laws, and social Mores .SEX EDUCATION can not be taught to make youth develope a healthy attitude about bodies and being a couple in control. So the Fundamentalist/Baptist basicly teach RAPE. Catholics Encourage RISK IT. DATE RAPE is NOT at an all time high, Reporting of date rape IS. In the olden days (pre-court-time-for-the-ambiguiose)Boys did *Fuck or walk* to induce a liquered up resistant lady to spread for a ramming. Then the clasic "my balls will wither up and fall off"inducement. "YOU WILL NEVER HAVE ANOTHER ZIT'" . "IF you don't.... I'll tell you DID anyway, with a blow job, before and after--- If you do I won't' tell them yes or no and if they guess it I'll tell them you were the wwwxxx a virgin". Then just plain forced entry and "If you Tell, I'll denigh it and you can't prove it anyway".
My answers drew 435 positive returns/hers got 8.
So she invited me to research for an article at her school doing the initail interviews. From that came 500 ideas for books ,articals and 500 for erotic stories.

Their were a thousand lines to make date rape into an acceptable incident.The best I ever had as a teen was a boy I told NO! 56 times in eight dates and slapped him four times in one night. He finally got the right combination of Dayofmonth/hand pressure on the non sexual areas and the attitude of my Fantasy man.Plus he learned to kiss with his sisters help(She told me later he practiced with her for ten evenings)I was so hot when it finally came to that point I threw his rubber out the window and got on top first.Normally I would have had three "cums" before we left my house and sometimes one in the the convience store restroom .but this night I was busy and had my girl cousin "living"in my room with me. we didn't stop for drinks he had a six pack of Cherry Coolers. I drank one and his hand got on the naked small of my back then his knee was brushing my V'monds with his leg in between mine. the Bra I chose had a ciggerette burn hole on the inside that TRAPPED my nipple in it and made me /crazy/">crazy. He took off my bra for me and kissed a cross that nipple as my hand choked his chicken neck dick and opened his bamudah shorts. I had not been a virgin in many years and got all I needed from the other source. he either had to Do it right or let me teach him how to 'RIP MY CORD'. It sounded like this "THEREmum WOAhnug /NOW zasts RIght/oh oh oh to far/ not so deep/ over to the left/ gggoooodh do'it slow.@#%# NOW DAMIT!!!go go go! ram it INME NOW uDUMBFUCK, oshitHARDER ,NOW&* FASTER, DON"T STOP OR I"LL BUST YOUR FUCKIN DICK OFF AND FUCK YOUR ASS WITH IT.HOLEY SHIT THAT WAS GREAT OSCAR how did you get so good an stay a virgin". Ok! so I was just a littel 'to' well trained by my other /master/">master."MOMs Little Brother was only five years older than me and so /cute/">cute. We started when I was seven and he was twelve(our babysitter), When I was twelve he got married and I told him No! more! not ever again!!! after this one last time. /then the next time I told him no! more he was cheating on such a "nice" girl, wife /then the lastime I called him to come over and "fix" my unbroken bycicle so I could pump him again.I was then thirteen.I went seven whole dry months while UNCLE was in the military overseas before I caved in for Pizza Face. We broke up before another date happened. But I did get some snuggle Tent time with his sister that summer,we were both fourteen and experimental as hell ,she was good at it in the open air of a girl scout camp. I knew 11 other girls who did experimental sex with other girls over a three year period ,others I suspected but these eleven were for sure I either saw it ,done it or they each detailed it to me later.In one highschool i interviewed 71 girls 17-19 and 60 of them had samesex experience.The same school lower grades 14-17 they were still far beyond the national avg/8% . How ever the number of in school pregnancies per 1000 in wwwxxx 5 years. was 23. which is 167 less than a cross section of any 1000 nation wide. Of course sixty two still marked virgins on the questionaire form / but inside on the test only twenty three percent of fifth--senior tested out as honest about the questionarie.

I will rite more of this in the comming episodes. Read me, you judge if New pagan morality and common sence have not finally taken over from the ones who have yelled Boogie Man, the true hate mongers and self-serving idolitors of the secret backroom baby rapers. Do we stand a chance to have a New World after this type of power driven Poli-Religon has been clensed from the earth in 2025.? God ,I hope so for our grandchildrens sakes. I'll be waiting on the other side watching with a full pipe of sacred sage to bless them every day.