Not Another Sex Story

Published February 23, 2024 tag category
Not Another Sex Story

Note : This story is completely fictional!

I was just deciding which pair of skimpy panties to wear when the doorbell went.

I hurriedly selected a /red/sexy-red/">sexy red transparent thong and pulled it up my well shaped thighs until it was snugly resting against my pouting pussy lips.

The door bell rang again and I quickly selected and put on a pair of red fish-net hold-up stockings with blue lacy stocking tops.

When the door bell rang a third time, I was just about to zip up my blue mini skirt that fitted perfectly to my shapely hips. By the time I put on my red lacy bra, my tight white transparent top and my red high heeled shoes, applied my make up and brushed my hair, the bell had rung another five times.

When I eventually opened the front door, I was amazed that my visitor was still there.

?Hello Marie.? Said the stunningly sexy blond bombshell standing in front of me. I looked at her up and down. She was wearing a cream knee length skirt, a blue jacket, white stockings and white high heeled shoes.

?Mmm, hello Daniella.? I gushed, my clit tingling like an alarm bell. ?What can I do for you??

Daniella was my next door neighbour. Although she was in her early forties, she was still an extremely attractive and sexy woman. She was a complete milf and had tits like mini-rockets and two perfect firm round peaches for an ass.

?You?re looking very nice for a Sunday morning.? Said Daniella, smiling and admiring my make-shift slut outfit.

It always amazed me how all my female next door neighbours seemed to be stunningly /gorgeous/gorgeous-women/">gorgeous women with porn star names who secretly harboured unfulfilled lesbian desires. I naturally assumed that Daniella had come to fulfil hers now.

?You?re looking very nice yourself. Why don?t you come in.? I replied huskily, already imagining how we were going to compare panties with our tongues. It looked like I was in for day of hot sordid lesbian action with this horny mature married mother of two.

?I?m sorry. I?m just on my way to church.? Replied Daniella. ?I can?t come in just now.?

?That is a shame.? I sighed in disappointment and frustration as my day of hot /lesbian/lesbian-pussy/lesbian-pussy-licking/">lesbian pussy licking action suddenly melted into an uncomfortable damp patch lingering between my thighs. ?Are you sure??

?Yes, maybe another time, Marie.? Said Daniella, smiling sweetly.

?Anyway, what can I do for you?? I sighed in resignation, expecting her to make one of her usual mundane requests, like asking to borrow a bottle of Vaseline and a banana.

?Yes, it about my son, Steve.? Said Danella. ?He was wondering what time he should turn up at the office tomorrow for his accounting work experience.?

The sound of Steve?s name immediately perked me up, especially in the nipple and clitoris departments of my body. Steve was Daniella?s hunky, /gorgeous/">gorgeous nineteen year old student son. He was studying accountancy at University and I had agreed to let him do some work experience at the accountancy firm where I was a partner.

?Why didn?t he come himself?? I pouted, smirking inside at my pathetic humour. ?You know Steve is always welcome in my front door.?

Steve often worked out and I was desperate to get my filthy thirty five year old hands on his firm young body.

?Oh, he?s at the /gym/">gym.? Said Daniella. ?He asked me to come for him.?

I almost smirked again, not sure whether Daniella was taking the piss with that comment. But she seemed to be sincere.

?What time should he turn up at your office?? Daniella asked.

I only barely heard the question, because my sordid mind was busy imagining Steve?s glistening /athletic/">athletic body contorting into all sorts of impossible positions.

?Tell him to come to the office at four this afternoon. I can give him an induction before his first day tomorrow.? I replied, quivering at the thought of inducting Steve?s
cock into my ravenous pussy.

?Oh, I didn?t know you were open on Sunday.? Said Daniella.

?You would be amazed what is open on a Sunday.? I pouted, my gaping pussy buzzing like a rabid electric eel.

?Ok, I?ll phone him on his mobile.? Said Daniella. ?What should he wear??

I knew what I wanted him to wear. A leather thong, a dog collar and a pair of Nazi jack-boots. But as a professional financial advisor, I knew that may seem less than appropriate.

?Oh, it?s Sunday. Just tell him to come in his gym clothes.? I said with complete sincerity, imaging Steve?s muscular body squeezed into that tight fitting sleeveless gym top he often wears when he is working out in his back garden. What his mother didn?t know is that I would be frantically planting a twelve inch dildo in my front lady garden as I ogled her son from my upstairs window.

?Ok. I?ll pass on the message.? Said Daniella laughing, obviously believing I was making a joke.

?Steve is really looking forward to the experience. He said he is looking forward to practicing some double-entry with you.? Continued Daniella, apparently with complete sincerity.

?I?m sure we will get round to the double-entry some day.? I replied, equally sincerely. ?But I think we should concentrate on the various forms of single entry first.?

Daniella obviously didn?t have a clue about accountancy because she nodded her head in apparent understanding.

?I am sure he will learn a lot from you.? Said Daniella.

?I?ll have him performing like a professional in no time.? I replied, smiling sleazily.

After the dozy cow left for church, I rushed upstairs and emptied the suitcase containing my large selection of vibrators and dildos. Then I diligently applied each one of them to my neglected pussy, imagining Daniella?s earrings dancing on my upper inner thighs as she buried her face in my pussy like a bear?s snout stuck in a honey jar.

After diligently coming to a screaming orgasm with each one of my wide selection of /toys/sex-toys/">sex toys, it was time to get ready for Steve?s induction that afternoon. Obviously, I wanted to look professional and sophisticated, and yet tease the horny little bugger?s cock to exhaustion.

So I wore a grey business skirt, dark nylon patterned stockings, a lacy white bra, a tight blouse and dark high heeled shoes. I looked in the mirror and admired how hot I was looking. Lusting after my own reflection, I almost got the vibrators out again to satisfy the desire that was boiling in my panties like the lava chamber of a ready to explode active volcano.

Some people think I get up at 6am because I work hard. In fact, it is because I cream myself so much looking at myself in the mirror in my sexy skirts and stockings, that I end up waxing my carrot at least twice a day before breakfast. That is why I often go to work in a boring trouser suit, because everything else is in the wash. You should see my laundry bills.

However, this time I managed to control myself and turned up at the office an hour before Steve was due to arrive. To pass the time, I opened my legs wide and caressed my stockings, played with my panties and fondled my nipples while moaning erotically, just as all horny office girls do when they are alone at their desk.

When Steve arrived, I eagerly opened the door to find him wearing a suit. Unfortunately, his idiot mother had not passed on my instructions. She obviously really had thought I was joking when I said he should wear his Gym clothes. Silly bitch!

Anyway, I grabbed Steve and whisked him up to my office. Before he could say a word, I had ripped off his shirt and was fondling his bulging muscles, suggesting to him politely, but firmly, that he should fuck my brains out.

Steve pulled himself away from me with a shocked expression on his face. I realized he would need some gentle persuasion so I ordered him firmly to screw me like a dirty whore.

Moments later, I was moaning and pleading out loud.

?Oh, Steve, fuck my love nest you big piece of beef cake. Oh, ram your love machine in my honey pot you hunky beast. Oh God, please plant your long pole into my lust pit.?

However, no matter how much I moaned and pleaded with him, he still refused to fuck me. It was only when I got on my knees and plunged my face in his nuts wailing like a starving mongoose that he relented and got his cock out at last.

A millisecond later, I was slurping on Steve?s cock as if it was the last ice lollipop in the Sahara desert. Steve cock was quite small at only eleven inches. I have heard rumours that most men have much smaller cocks than Steve. But I think it is a myth because of the hundred of dicks I have had in my mouth and pussy, none have been smaller than ten inches.

Anyway, after sucking Steve?s cock for a while, I jumped up on the desk and spread my legs wide until my knees touched my ears. In /reality/">reality, I could have shagged Steve on the couch in the reception or even in a motel. But where?s the pleasure in being fucked on a comfy couch or a fluffy bed when you can get screwed on a cold hard mahogany desk.

We went through the usual routine. Ten minutes of wild shagging from the front, then ten minutes of rampant rogering doggy-style from the back, leading to ten minutes of steady screwing from the side, followed by ten minutes of me jumping up and down on Steve?s cock like a high speed pneumatic drill, before finally finishing off with frantic fucking in every other position I could think off. Wash, rinse and repeat.

Like all men, Steve was able to drill me for hours with breaking sweat or coming even once. But after all the hard work of being screwed for hours on end, I was naturally feeling a bit thirsty. So to quench my thirst, I leapt down to Steve?s cock like a pit-bull chasing a bone and got Steve to come in my mouth like a mini milk-shake tsunami.

Afterwards, I wanted to have another round of rampant shagging. But selfish Steve said he was tired and mentioned something about doing bank reconciliations and sales ledgers. I knew at that point it was time for him to go.

However, when I showed him out of the office a minute later, I found out that several of Steve?s body builder buddies were waiting for him outside, limbering up and performing various stretching exercises. I cursed myself for my stupidity and missing the chance of a gang-bang opportunity, literally waiting on my door-step. You would be amazed how many muscle bound guys are hanging around every corner just waiting to give some lucky slut a good group humping.

I asked them if they wanted to come in and give me one. But they politely declined my generous offer, saying they were going to the park. I wondered what several muscular when could possibly want to do with each other late at night in a dimly lit public park. But that is another story.

Having missed that chance for a gang-bang, I /hung/">hung about the office a little longer, hoping that some randy robbers would break in to steal the petty cash and give me a good shagging as often happens when I work late. In fact, that is the only reason I keep a petty cash float in the office. But alas, nobody turned up and I ended up going home. There must have been football on or something.

I realised that Steve had left his tie in the office and decided to hand it in to his house on the way home. He had also left his sweaty thong, but he wasn?t getting that back. It would make a nice piece of face wear for my stunning brunette hussy diana xxxxpv future dildo and vibrator sessions.

When I rang the door bell, Steve?s /twins/twin-sister/">twin sister, Lesbia, opened the door with no clothes on. She was a /gorgeous/gorgeous-girl/">gorgeous girl with long blond hair and a perfect figure.

?Hi Lesbia.? I said, ignoring her naked form. ?Are your parents in??

?No. They?ve gone to the football.? She replied.

?Huh, typical.? I said. ?By the way your brother left his tie at the office.?

?Thank you, I?ll hand it on to him.? Lesbia said as she took the tie. ?By the way, would you like to come in, take all your clothes off and make beautiful /lesbian/lesbian-love/">lesbian love on my satin covered king-sized bed.?

I freely admit that I am quite liberal with regards to sex, but I draw the line at planned consensual love making between two naked women. It was one of the most boring and least erotic activities that I could think off. At the very least she should have worn a pair of fishnets and a lacy thong.

?Sorry, Lesbia. I am busy tonight.? I replied. ?But I believe you are starting work soon as an air hostess.?

?Yes, that?s right.? She said.

?Well why don?t you come round with some of your colleagues and show me your new uniform white attractive slutty whore xxxxvie sometime.? I hissed lustfully. ?Oh, and bring your pilot friends too.?